Legal expertise helps Life Science companies to grow

Morris Law partners Olof Myhrman and Caroline Ygge.

Morris Law was formed in March of 2014. The firm, that earlier this year was called Sweden’s fastest growing law firm, now has more than 30 co-workers and on January 1 they open their new offices on Hamngatan in Stockholm. Partners Caroline Ygge and Olof Myhrman share their views on Health Care and Life Science, transparency and the importance of a broad palette of expertise.

Many of the lawyers at Morris Law have years of experience working with companies within the Life Science and Health Care sectors. That means that Morris law has a unique breadth of knowledge, both concerning the industries themselves and the specialized legal issues that effect the companies in these industries. Examples of these legal areas are corporate law, transfer of ownership in enterprises, public procurement, regulatory issues and intellectual property law.

– This gives us a much better opportunity to help our clients and to contribute to their business. The more intimate your knowledge of an industry becomes, the faster you can grasp the relevant issues and understand the difficulties and challenges that these companies face, says Caroline.

– Beside the fact that Morris Law has a broad range of expertise concerning Health Care and Life Sciences, we also work continually with developing our international networks. We do this in order to be able to offer our clients the best legal expertise internationally as well, says Olof.

Unique accessibility

Something else that is unique for Morris Law is their transparency and accessibility. Perhaps the best example of this is their new digital service Morris Connect, where clients, among other things, can get direct access to their cases and projects at Morris Law. This way communication becomes easy, quick and always accessible.

– Our motto is ”Let’s rethink business law”, it’s an invitation to our clients to cooperate, says Olof. Morris Connect is a good example of that, one I think we are alone in offering. 

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